Lumber Commodity Price List for April 24th, 2017

Lumber is a commodity with prices fluctuating weekly due to market conditions. With our Lumber Commodity Price Sheet we look to keep you as informed as possible about those prices.  Click on the price list for a downloadable or printable .PDF version. Below the Price List is the Commodity Price Chart for quick reference into what is happening in the markets along with showing overall market trends.

PRINT the price list HERE.

Please read our newest The Platinum Tape Blog Post from our CEO Kelly Fox – April Market Update

Framing Lumber – We proudly stock #2 & better kiln dried PREMIUM Douglas Fir
Our lumber is Structurally sound, has 4 square edges & is less prone to splits & checks. 

All lengths marked in ORANGE are NOT stocked at Home Depot

8′ 10′ 12′ 14′ 16′ 18′ 20′
2×4 $3.73 $5.08 $6.10 $6.84 $8.44 $9.06 $10.07
2×6 $5.80 $7.50 $9.00 $10.29 $12.96 $13.50 $15.00
2×8 $6.75 $8.33 $10.23 $12.08 $15.10 $15.53 $17.47
2×10 $10.77 $13.70 $16.60 $18.48 $23.71 $25.34 $28.15
2×12 $12.31 $15.39 $18.66 $20.74 $27.74 $29.60 $32.89

Pressure Treated Lumber – We proudly stock #2 & better CA-C (Copper Azole) incised treated Hemlock for ground contact.
Worry free application, treated to withstand the elements, approved for ground contact & in-ground use.

8′ 10′ 12′ 14′ 16′ 18′ 20′
2×4 $6.46 $8.07 $9.69 $11.31 $12.92 S/O $16.62
2×6 $9.82 $12.28 $14.74 $17.19 $19.65 S/O $25.29
2×8 $13.11 $16.40 $19.68 $22.95 $26.24 S/O $33.76
2×10 $17.40 $21.75 $26.08 $30.43 $34.78 S/O $44.75
2×12 $22.12 $27.65 $33.18 $38.72 $44.25 S/O $56.94

Pressure Treated Decking – We proudly stock #2 & better PREMIUM smooth Douglas Fir decking.
Treated for local weather, dimensionally stable, & looks better longer.

8′ 10′ 12′ 14′ 16′ 18′ 20′
2×4 $7.12 $8.91 $10.68 $12.46 $14.24 S/O $18.33
2×6 $10.68 $13.36 $16.02 $18.69 $21.37 S/O $27.50

Framing Panels – We proudly stock only APA Rated & Graded panels.
APA rated for quality assurance, third party verification, & building code compliant.

  3/8″ 7/16″ 1/2″ 5/8″ 3/4″ 1″ 1 1/8″
OSB N/A $14.56 $17.76 $19.87 $29.63 N/A N/A
CDX $16.22 N/A $19.74 $23.45 $26.97 N/A N/A
ACX $34.49 N/A $37.47 $40.67 $42.68 S/O N/A
T&G N/A N/A N/A N/A $29.60 N/A $49.18

Plaster Board – We proudly stock only CertainTeed Brand Gypsum.
Easi-light for better handling, M2 Tech for mold and moisture resistance.

   8′    8′
1/2″x4′ Ultralight $11.58 1/2″x4′ Ultralight Moisture Resistant $13.60
5/8″x4′ Type X $13.50 5/8″x4′ Type X Moisture Resistant $16.86

Fencing – We proudly stock components that are designed for the outdoors.
Western Red Cedar & always rated for ground contact.

5′ 6′ 8′   8′
1×4 N/A $1.89 $2.57 Treated 4×4 Post $9.77
1×6 $2.49 $3.18 $4.98 60# Concrete Mix $3.30

Place your order today!  Ask about our delivery services and free estimates for all our building materials.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Call for current availability.  Lumber commodity pricing is updated weekly.




Become Certified as a Wolf Pro Installer

Licensed Contractors and their Crew, join us and Wolf for a FREE Breakfast and become a certified Wolf decking installer.

Receive training on Wolf Decking products and you’ll receive all the tools and support you need to help build your business in 2017. Become a certified Wolf PRO and you’ll be able to offer homeowners an extended warranty that covers the cost of labor to replace products if they fail to perform within five years from date of installation.

Wolf high performance products are priced to help you get more jobs and make more on every job—and we stand behind them, just as we’ve done for more than 170 years.

DATE: Tuesday May 2, 2017
TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 AM
LOCATION: Fairmont Restaurant 1127 W Highway 101 Port Angeles WA 98363

PLEASE RSVP to your contractor salesman or email Josh Bergesen at or call Josh at 360.417.7844

Wolf Pros receive training and support to help them sell.

Training topics include:

  • Product specifications
  • Proper storage and handling
  • Care and maintenance
  • Professional tips and best practices
Support includes:

  • Special designation on our website
  • Product literature and samples
  • Other exclusive marketing tools
  • On-going product updates
  • Special purchase incentives

Individuals, not companies, are eligible for certification. All crew members are encouraged to attend.
*Contractors must meet certain eligibility requirements, including applicable safety, insurance, legal and financial requirements.

April Market Update – The Platinum Tape, a blog by Kelly Fox

Friends and Neighbors,

As I follow the commodity markets and report back to you in terms of our current pricing, I think it is important for you to also see where the markets are headed along with what is driving the changes.  Right now, the biggest two factors in lumber pricing are increasing demand and the unknown regarding the countervailing duty on softwood imports from Canada.

Let us address the supply and demand issues first because they are much easier to understand and they indicate some other changes in the market that must be addressed as part of the overall cost of building in the current market.  With home building booming in the major metro areas around the United States, mill level order files are pushed out for weeks, and months in some cases, allowing the mills to charge more for the same product.  The more common the item, like OSB and CDX, the longer the order files are out giving the mills the power to hold pricing higher for a longer period.   With good weather now returning to much of the country, the big users like California are starting to add pressure which will also allow the mills to maintain price and more likely, increase it in the weeks ahead.

The commodity chart shows how our pricing has changed for 2017.  It is important to note that some market dips are indicated, most of those are weather related locally and nationally with the overall trend showing pricing increases in all lines.  Beginning this week, we will keep this commodity pricing chart updated on our website along with the commodity price list for quick reference into what is happening in the markets along with showing overall market trends.

The next logical question about the supply demand equation is what, if anything, is happening to slow the prices down.  Unfortunately, the answer to that question is an expensive one.  With the material cost for a house being about 20% of the total cost, labor makes up the next 60% with the balance being given to the state and local economy in taxes and fees related to building process.  A recent trade publication for the lumber and building materials industry indicates that it is taking almost twice as long to build a house now because of the labor shortage for sub-contractors in every trade from the pre-recession levels.  This labor shortage is leading to large increases in cost for the available labor.  The shortage of labor means that demand has not peaked and is likely to remain strong for the foreseeable future.  It also means that customers will be trading higher lumber prices for higher labor costs.

Right now, the market is speculating wildly on what will be passed down as the tariff on softwood lumber in the form of the countervailing duty.  The market is also concerned, and rightfully so, about the likelihood of the tariff being applied to orders going back up to ninety days.  The fear of the unknown is pushing markets higher to make sure that all bets are covered on a worst-case scenario and for that we are all paying the higher price.

What we do not know about the duty is how it will affect commodities at different price levels because the threshold has been poorly defined.  Items like cedar and finish lumber that trade at higher per thousand pricing will undoubtedly feel the effects.  Items like OSB and 2×4 should not be affected as much because they generally trade below what is believed to be the price threshold.  Without knowing where it will land, everything is subject to pricing increase to make sure the mill level profits are protected.

These insights are based on information I gather from our supply partners and industry connections on a weekly basis.  Please stay tuned to this blog, our website, and our social channels for updated information as it becomes available.  If you have any questions about what I see in the market or you would like some additional insights, please contact me at or 360.452.8933.



Hartnagel Building Supply is Hiring Retail Sales Professionals!

Hartnagel Building Supply, an all employee owned company is hiring!

The positive economic growth in the area has put us in a welcomed position to fill MULTIPLE openings for a Retail Sales Professional.

If you are looking for full time employment and enjoy a fast-paced environment we feel that we have a great offer for you! Our team of employee owners make up a wide range of the most creative, knowledgeable and caring that the North Peninsula has to offer.  We consider our customers to be family with many we know by first name, so we are looking for the pinnacle of customer service in our hires.  Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and Hartnagel Building Supply have been community fixtures in the area for over 55 years and we offer the best in building materials to the industry professional and the do-it-yourselfer.  If the opportunity to be on our team is enticing to you then we encourage you to apply!

We are seeking to fill multiple full-time Retail Sales Professional Positions with the following qualities:

  • Cares about your work environment
  • Excels at customer service
  • Retail sales and or building industry experience
  • Must be detail oriented and organized
  • Able to work well independently but also with a team
  • Takes initiative but is also great at following directions
  • Can work full-time including weekends
  • 18 years or older
  • Full time with benefits
  • Pay DOE
  • Drug testing required

Download application here.

The application must be filled out completely to be considered for the position.

You can drop off application in person or mail to Hartnagel Building Supply 3111 East HWY 101  Port Angeles, WA or fax to 360-452-8943


Hartnagel Building Supply is Hiring for a Contractor Sales Professional!

Hartnagel Building Supply, an all employee owned company is hiring!

If you are looking for full time employment, we have a great opportunity for you! Our team of employee owners make up a wide range of the most creative, knowledgeable and caring that the North Peninsula has to offer.  We consider our customers to be family with many we know by first name, so we are looking for the pinnacle of customer service in our hires.  Angeles Millwork & Lumber and Hartnagel Building Supply have been community fixtures in the area for over 55 years and we offer the best in building materials to the industry professional and the do-it-yourselfer.  If the opportunity to be on our team is enticing to you then we encourage you to apply!

We are seeking to fill a Contractor Sales Professional Position for sales and material takeoffs for commercial and residential building projects with the following qualities:

  • Ability to do lumber takeoffs
  • Personable and able to build a strong customer clientele
  • Must be detail oriented and organized
  • Able to work well independently but also with a sales team
  • Takes initiative but is also great at following directions
  • Minimum of 2 years industry related experience
  • Skilled in the use of a computer
  • 18 years or older

Full time with benefits
Drug testing required

Download an application here.

Drop off an application in person or mail to Hartnagel Building Supply 3111 East HWY 101,  Port Angeles, WA 98362 or fax to 360-452-8943


Angeles Millwork Becomes Premier SIPs Dealer

To fill the client’s desire for SIPS on a custom Ked-Ter Construction Inc. home,  Angeles Millwork has become a preferred dealer of Premier SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels).  The anatomy of a Premier SIP  is a composite of three materials.  OSB, InsulFoam EPS and a Laminating Adhesive. SIPS will be a welcome addition to our quality building products and will allow homeowners and contractors the ability to build homes and commercial buildings with the potential to save money on labor and create stronger, more energy efficient structures.


Imagine buildings with large soaring roof lines, open vaulted ceilings and no truss system. When buildings are constructed with Premier SIP roofs, the roof structure alone is strong enough that it doesn’t need an engineered truss system.  Without the need for trusses, Architects and Designers have the opportunity to use their design creativity like never before.

The strength of a Premier SIPS structure gives building owners peace of mind that their new home or building is strong enough to last for years to come. Just ask the Premier SIPS homeowners who survived the Kobe, Japan earthquake (6.5 magnitude) in the 1980’s.  Their Structural Insulated Panel framed buildings were some of the few that remained standing after this earthquake.


Premier SIPS are delivered to the jobsite pre-cut ready for assembly. The large wall, roof and floor panels can be installed much like a puzzle.  The speedy installation not only saves builders time in the framing process, but the straight panels offer features that save other subcontractors hours (and even days) in their trades.

Straighter wall and floor panels mean the walls do not bow and curve, ensure faster installation of cabinets and counter tops, enable flooring contractors to lay tile, wood and other flooring products…all without the need of endless shimming and cutting. Straight walls help doors, windows and millwork go into place seamlessly, and offer lighting experts a flat surface to showcase interior lighting effects on a flat surface. And don’t forget the building and homeowners, who are able to display art and photographs on flat walls that do not bow or bend.


The environmental benefits of choosing Premier Structural Insulated products are huge. As if significantly lower energy bills and reduced jobsite construction waste wasn’t enough to convince you that Premier SIPS are the cream of the “green” building products available today.  Then consider that Premier SIPS offer the use of materials made from rapidly renewable resources, better indoor air quality and temperature control and available tax credits & environmental certifications for the builder and homeowners.  We think you’ll agree that Premier SIPS are one of the best environmental framing products on the market.

SIPS Advantages to the Home Owner

  • Structurally Superior: Compared to non-engineered 2×6″ lumber.
  • Sound Investment: Appraisers now recognize advanced building materials and sustainable features in home values.
  • Strong Warranty Offers Peace of Mind (you won’t see this with stick framed lumber).
  • Reduced Heating/Cooling Costs: Up to 60% less!
  • Better for the Environment: Less energy used, reduces green house gas emissions.
  • Healthier Home Environments: Large panels with far fewer joints than stick framed construction mean fewer pollutants are able to enter the walls.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):  Tighter and better insulated structures enable the occupants to regulate the air quality with simple ventilation techniques.
  • Faster construction time: SIP panels come precut from the factory per your custom plans.  Much like a jig saw puzzle, SIPs are installed in days rather than weeks.  Therefore, a SIPs house can be dried in and ready for siding/roofing much faster than traditional 2×6 framed construction and batt insulation.

Check out the first eleven minutes of the video below shows the production of SIPS and tests their ability to hold up to loads, sheer and storm damage.

Learn more about the advantages of SIPS…


Pick Up Your Registration Forms for the KONP Easter Egg Hunt!

Stop into one of our stores and pick up the registration form for your 8 and under child for the largest Easter Egg hunt on the north Olympic Peninsula!

Then show up at the Clallam County Fairgrounds Saturday, April 15th with registration starting at 8:30am. The hunt for thousands of candy stuffed Easter Eggs will begin at 9:00am sharp and being registered makes your child eligible for the Toy givaway!  The Easter Bunny will be at the egg hunt, so bring your cameras and don’t forget to bring your own basket!

Clallam County Fairgrounds
1608 W 16th, Port Angeles, WA 98363

Account Holding Contractors! Get a FREE Web Page & Join us as a Referred Contractor.

We would like you to join our growing list of account holding contractors and professionals represented on our website!

The majority of a contractor’s future clients and our retail customers, will search the web first when looking for a qualified contractor.  If you are not listed on the internet they will have a hard time finding you and will usually go with a contractor that utilizes the web for proper advertisement.

Building a web presence is beyond the skill and resources of most of us. This is where we want to help.  The support of our account holders is paramount in our relationship and we think this assistance is a great way for us to prove it.  We know that our contractor clients are the best that the Olympic Peninsula has to offer and your success is our success.  We want you, as an account holder, to be a part of our contractor referral page for the community to resource for all their building, remodeling and home maintenance needs. Whether you do $2000 a year with us or $200,000, our end goal is to offer a complete resource of dependable, quality contractors.  But we can’t do it without your involvement.

Our retail staff are asked daily for recommendations on different installs, projects and builds so we decided to create a section on our web page called “Contractor Referrals” where we can direct our community and homeowner customers to your personalized web page. Check it out by clicking HERE.

This service is of ZERO cost to our account holders.

We welcome general contractors  but we are also searching to fill areas for specialized contractors in painting, plumbing. electrical, fencing, landscaping, concrete, and cleaning.

What Do You Get?

A personalized web page on our website in our Contractor Referrals section under the heading of your expertise that will include the following.

  • A customized page header with your logo and images.
  • Full contact information.
  • Images of the owner and crew.
  • Images of completed work.
  • A customer statement of satisfaction of past work completed.
  • A full submission form that potential customers can fill out desired work to be done and contact information that once filled out is emailed directly to you.
  • The ability to change the web page at any time utilizing our staff.

Some concerns with many of you is that web pages seem complicated.  No worries.  We can build your web page with just a small amount of time from you.  Our advertising coordinator would need approximately 30 minutes of your time to get the necessary info to fully build out your web page.

The only requirement we have for you to participate is that you MUST ALWAYS be licensed, bonded and insured.  This will be checked on a regular basis.  It is imperative that for us to provide a resource such as this, that our customers trust who we are recommending.

Getting Started…

We will do a short consultation over the phone or in person at Hartnagel Building Supply and need the following information.

  • License #
  • Phone #
  • Photo of the company’s owner and crew (if applicable).
  • Short bio on the owner (hobbies, life away from work).
  • Photo(s) of completed work (prefer at least two but the more the merrier).
  • Short bio on the company.
  • One satisfied client’s testimonial.

Continued Support

  • Our retail staff will recommend these pages to inquiring customers.
  • Throughout the year we will feature completed web pages on our Facebook page advertising them and their services to thousands of potential clients on the Olympic Peninsula.
  • We continually scour local Facebook pages for home owner inquiries of whom in the area people would recommend for specific jobs.  We will post links to these posts with the pages that fit their desired job question.
  • Your page can be modified and updated as you see fit.  If you have new pictures of completed jobs, contact us and we’ll update your page with them to keep it new and relevant.
  • We will show you how to link and advertise your new page on the web.  Whether it be your personal Social media page, a Facebook post, in an email or featured on a business card, we are here to help.

To get started please contact Josh Bergesen at 360-417-7844 or by email at

March Market Update

Friends and Neighbors,

It looks like the weather on the east coast is having a declining impact on lumber and commodity pricing, especially panels, this week and the early indication is that things should remain stable for the near term.  As I type this, an email from our commodity lumber supplier arrived indicating a mid-week price change with some up and some down further leading to us to believe the order files at the mill level are consistent from week to week for the moment.

As the market stretches, relaxes, and stretches again, our stores are deeply committed to looking for opportunity and ways to help protect our customers.  In December, our team committed to a large quantity of kiln dried cedar decking knowing that large price increase was not only likely, but very real.  This week we took delivery of that decking and that will allow us to provide you with our best possible price AND the quality that we have become known for in our cedar line.  Similar commitments were made at our buying shows in February to make sure we remained competitive in our hardware and soft goods lines.  Our paint specialist at Angeles Millwork and Hartnagels worked with our supplier this week to finalize our spring buy in the exterior stain lines to ensure we can still offer the best price around for our Stain Sale beginning in late May.

Over the next few weeks we will see changes in cedar, rebar, and timbers.  Treated lumber will also be catching up to the framing lumber index in the days and weeks ahead as the manufacturers catch up with the replacement costs.  These increases are on top of already announced increases in fasteners and paint that will hit the retail shelves in early April.

If we had a crystal ball and could tell you exactly what would happen in the next few weeks and months, we would be happy to share!  What we DO know is the weather will change on the east coast, California will start building again soon, and lumber pricing will follow the supply demand curve of the market.  Our bet is that the demand will stay strong and the pricing will follow through the building season without any significant correction until this fall.

To stay informed about the opportunities and challenges in the commodity lumber markets and building materials, please follow this blog or “like” us on Facebook.  To see our weekly commodity hot sheet please click here.  We publish a new hot sheet every Monday unless the markets dictate otherwise.


Kelly Fox, CEO
Lumber Traders Inc.
Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co.
Hartnagel Building Supply

Expo Gift Card Winner Donates Prize to Habitat for Humanity

The saying “paying it forward” became a reality for the Building Remodeling & Energy Expo gift certificate winner Paul Kolesnikoff.

Paul won one of four Hartnagel/Angeles Millwork gift certificates after attending the recent Building Remodeling & Energy Expo.  In discussing his win with NPBA staffer, Eran Kennedy, he made the decision to donate his certificate to Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County. “Recently, I shared a picture of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter pounding nails and building homes for Habitat for Humanity on Facebook and I decided I needed to put my words into action”. Paul generously donated his $250 Angeles Millwork & Hartnagel Building Supply gift certificate to Cyndi Hueth, Executive Director,  Clallam County and Colleen Robinson, Community Outreach Director Habitat for Humanity. Also on hand for the presentation was Josh Bergesen, Advertising Coordinator for Lumber Traders Inc.

NPBA’s staff and board of directors would like to thank Paul Kolesnikoff, Hartnagel Building Supply, Angeles Millwork and Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County for their contributions to our community. Their generous support of the building value in Clallam County is greatly appreciated.

Left to right:
Colleen Robinson
Community Outreach Director
Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County

Cyndi Hueth
Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County

Paul Kolesnikoff
Hartnagel/Angeles Millwork gift certificate winner

Josh Bergesen
Advertising Coordinator
Lumber Traders Inc