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As part of our promotions for our upcoming Customer Appreciation Event at Angeles Millwork (Click HERE for more info) we are giving away a $200 Gift Card to Brown’s Outdoor to ONE of our Facebook followers. Brown’s Outdoor is a longtime, family-owned outfitter providing brand-name hiking gear, camping equipment, outerwear and great advice for exploring our local natural wonders.

Our Facebook page focuses on providing our community with relevant information on building materials, locally relevant industry news, new products and promoting our talented contractor and builders.

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Join us for the Angeles Millwork Customer Appreciation Event August 18th!

To show our appreciation for your continued support, you are invited to The Angeles Millwork’s Customer Appreciation Event and BBQ!

Vendor demos, food, games & prizes!

Friday, August 18th from 11 a.m – 2 p.m.

@ Angeles Millwork and Lumber Co. Inc
1601 South C St
Port Angeles, WA 98363


Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwiches


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BBQ’d Corn on the Cob


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Refreshments provided by Peninsula Bottling!
Product vendors from all your favorite companies!

Over $1000 of raffle prizes from the greatest of Peninsula businesses!

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That’s easy!  Just do one or more of the following from August 11th through August 17th to enter and do it more than once for multiple chances to win!

  • No purchase necessary, drop by Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. or Hartnagel Building Supply.  Everyone that comes in and every customer will receive one raffle entry!
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  • LIKE US on Facebook. (Current followers are already entered).
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  • ATTEND & VISIT our vendors. Vendors will be giving out raffle tickets..

Gift cards from local community businesses listed below will be picked after the event with winners being notified by phone.


Our small way of thanking our customers and the community.
Invite your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  They’re all welcome!

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Using Your Cell Phone to Take Pictures

To help promote our 2018 Calendar Photo Contest we’d like to provide our customers an opportunity to enter the contest without having a high end digital camera or a long background in photography.  It is my intention through this blog post to create better amateur photographers that have limited means and little time to fully immerse themselves into the endless info that surrounds photography.

Enter our 2018 Calendar Photo Contest by clicking HERE

If you have a smart phone purchased in the last 5 years or so you have a very powerful and intuitive camera always at you finger tips.  Many of us do not have the means to purchase even the low-end digital Camera but with the right knowledge, the camera in your phone can do what high end cameras just years ago accomplished.  The trick is knowing how to use it properly and what add on apps you can get for free that will allow the images to become truly worthy of sharing and even printing.

Learn your basic camera functions available on the most popular smart phones.

Now that you have an idea of the basic functions of your smart phone here’s some tips to go one step further.

Don’t use the zoom feature. Crop the photo afterwards instead.

The Zoom feature will leave photos looking grainy and somewhat blurry, negating the whole point of the zoom.  To get the best image quality crop it to the desired area you wanted to zoom in on.  You will be left with a much crisper image.

Do Not use the Flash.

The “Flash” in the camera on your phone is NOT an actual flash but a LED light that usually casts an ill-timed light at your subject. With the editing apps described below I have never had an issue getting darkened images lighter.  They may still be a bit dark but with a little adjustment to the “Shadow slider” in most photo apps, they will look way better than the yellow light and red eye we see on my co-worker Todd.

Clean your lens

Our smart phones are always being shuffled about in our hands picking up sweat, dirt and grime.  Not ideal for a clear image. Use an eye-glass cleaner or your soft cotton shirt in a pinch to clean the lens. Look at the above image of my joy filled co-worker Todd and you can see what a dirty lens will do to your photos.  See the whispy and blurry features especially around the light objects.  That’s what a dirty lens will do.

Learn the fundamentals of photography

This is the biggest one and I saved it for last. Click HERE and the linked blog post will go into depth on this necessary knowledge.

Go out and shoot

Now make some time to try out your camera before you are actually in the situation where you want to take that great picture. Practice an indoor shot of your kid or pet, go outside into the backyard and capture your blooming flowers, get to a place where you can have a wide expanse of mountains or water. The point is to experiment and become familiar with your camera, it’s settings and changing environments. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes. It’s how we all learn.

Photo Editing Apps for your Smart Phone Camera

A photo editing app is a program you download through your smartphone that will assist you in creating a better photo.

The number of apps for photography is truly mind boggling and trying to sort through them all can be frustrating and leave you abandoning the idea all together. Here are a few I have used that have turned mediocre photos into ones I really love.  I have purposely chosen ones that are free and easy to use for the beginner.  I usually just use the area of the apps that focus on being able to modify brightness, contrast, shadow, highlights, temperature and sharpness. Search the name in your phone apps provider or click on the links below from your smartphone and download.  Try them out and pick the one that best fits your style and experience level.

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Thank You to Bill Francis from Blake Tile and Stone for Keeping Us a Bit Safer!

Our yard manager for Angeles Millwork,  Anthony Hernandez had a visit from Bill Francis, a driver for Blake Tile and Stone Inc.  He wanted to alert Anthony to a potential fire hazard with our Pal Finger 3-wheel forklift.  Apparently, Blake Tile and Stone has the same lift and it caught fire due to the design and location of one of the battery cables.  Every time the wheels are turned, they were rubbing on the battery cable with was also near a hydraulic fluid line.  Bill was on the unit when it burst into flames in the engine compartment.

Luckily, Bill was quick to respond and used the lift’s fire extinguisher to put the fire out and save total destruction of their lift, but it was still seriously damaged.  Bill was aware that we had the same unit and felt compelled to talk to us about the potential danger.  When Anthony started looking at our Pal Finger he found that sure enough – the battery cable was seriously worn through just as Bill had described.

We cannot thank Bill enough for his extra effort at keeping our employees safe.  Blake Tile and Stone have a wonderfully selfless employee in Bill and its amazing to have it be proven that we local businesses have each other’s backs!  Thank you Bill and Blake Tile and Stone!!!!

4th annual 2018 Calendar Photography Contest!


We are excited to announce our 4th annual Calendar Photography Contest!

THIS YEAR’S THEME IS: The Great Northwest

Deadline for entries is September 15th.

2017 Calendar Cover Winner Mary Campbell

SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO(S) at the bottom of the post.

Here are the guidelines and details:

  • Photos must be taken by you.
  • Photos must be taken within the Northwest. (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia)
  • Photos must be JPEGs.
  • Horizontal pictures work best for the calendar.
  • Photos must be 300dpi and at a minimum of 11″ X 8.5″  ( 3300 dpi x 2550 dpi) Lower resolution photos will not be considered. So make sure your image settings are correct! If in doubt please submit the photo with sizing unaltered. Use the FREE Fotor photo editor HERE to resize you photo.
  • Please pick your best photos.  Multiples of the same shot will not be considered.
  • There is a 5 image submission limit per photographer.  So send us your very best!

The subject matter is wide open.  It could be in color, it could be in black and white. Subjects could range from the wild flowers in your yard, a bird on the shore, a lake on your favorite hike, a parade, the sunset, ect. It just needs to be from the Northwest.

We’ll choose at least 20 photos to use in the calendar and one amazing photo for the cover. If your photo is chosen for the cover, you’ll receive a $200 gift card to one of our stores!  A small reception will be held in honor of all the submitting photographers and all photographers chosen for the calendar will receive 5 calendars each.

When calendars are released, all submitting photographers will be notified. Calendars will be available free to the public at both Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and Hartnagel Building Supply.

New to photography?  No problem!

We want everyone to be able to enter. Check out the links below for a bit of photography help.  Also be sure and follow our website blog and Facebook throughout the submission period for more photography help.

Here’s some tips!
The Top 5 Photography Tips For Absolute Beginners

Free Photo Editor!  Just click below, download a picture, edit as you wish, save and Viola!
Fotor Photo Editor

Check out our Blog Posts on Photography from last year by local photographer Chuck Rondeau.

By submitting your photo(s) to Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and Hartnagel Building Supply’s 2017 Calendar Photo Contest, you grant Angeles Millwork and Hartnagel permission to reproduce, distribute, and publish your name and photographs in our calendar and promotional materials. You retain all other rights to your photography.

Entries should include:

  • Name of person who took the photo (REQUIRED)
  • Phone number (REQUIRED for internal use only)
  • Email address (REQUIRED for internal use only)
  • Title and Location of the photo (REQUIRED)

Your phone number and email address are for internal use only and will NOT be published in the calendar or used for solicitation.

Hurry our deadline is September 15!

Use the form below to submit your entry in our 2017 Calendar Photo Contest and Good Luck!

Name of the person who took the photo

Your phone number (for internal use only, but required)

Email (required) (for internal use only, you will not be added to any mailing list)

Upload at least one image (up to five)

Photo #1
Title of the image (required)

Location that the image was taken (required)

Image 1 (required):

Photo #2
Title of the image

Location that the image was taken

Image 2:

Photo #3
Title of the image

Location that the image was taken

Image 3:

Photo #4
Title of the image

Location that the image was taken

Image 4:

Photo #5
Title of the image

Location that the image was taken

Image 5:

Contractor Appreciation

Over 150 of our best and brightest contractors, their guests, our vendors and employees showed up for a warm and sunny night at the Port Angeles Lefties game to celebrate our  professional contractors.

We couldn’t be happier celebrating the gifted building community and supporting a new local institution like the Port Angeles Lefties.  Pulled Pork Sandwiches and corn on the cob was served with an ice cold beer.  The game ran late but most who attended stayed late into the night as it went into extra innings.

Our thanks cannot be stated enough for our contractors and their crews. Their contribution and devotion to providing quality craftsmanship and professionalism to our community has been nothing short of amazing!

July Lumber Market Update – The Platinum Tape, a Blog by Kelly Fox

Friends and neighbors,

During this time of year, we typically see increases in lumber and commodity pricing based on several factors.  What we are seeing now is almost beyond belief in the pricing increases.  My hope is not to scare you about why pricing is going up but rather, to educate you on the reasons and to provide some clarity on why we are following the market.

All of us who sell commodity lumber waited all winter long for the current administration to decide what to do with the expired softwood lumber agreement, (the counter veiling duty).  We all got to experience the inflated pricing to protect the mills from the possibility of a retroactive tariff when it was finally announced at 19.88% in late April.  Moving ahead a few more months and the next big run up was caused by a separate issue between the US and Canada and the subsequent anti-dumping duty at 6.87% effective June 30, 2017.

Per Investopedia, an anti-dumping duty is a protectionist tariff that a domestic government imposes on imports that it believes are priced below fair market value. Dumping is a process where a company exports a product at a price lower than the price it normally charges on its own home market.

Nearly all the lumber we sell at our stores is domestically produced and not subject to the tariffs and duties.  Unfortunately, the panels and cedar products are imported so the combined tariff means higher prices.  The additional duties put pressure on the domestic supply and tend to dry it up quickly as the volume buyers and traders look for the best deal.  Once that supply is gone, and it is now, the domestic producers raise prices based on limited supply with a very strong demand.

Further adding to the limited supply issue and the role of import lumber in keeping prices stabilized is the threat of fire in the Provincial forests in Canada that is keeping logging at a minimum.  We also had a mill fire that took an OSB mill out of commission along with normally scheduled summer maintenance at some mills.  (Some suppliers we talk to think the fire threat is gamesmanship being played based on the CVD/ADD from the US.)

The real estate market around the country is very strong with very little inventory so builders are experiencing a boom when they have the labor to get the work done.

Our guess is that the market remains strong with higher than normal pricing through the building season with prices holding in the weeks ahead.  If the rumors are true about a new ten-year softwood lumber agreement, we could see pricing stabilize with some market correction before the end of the season.

If you have any questions about the lumber market or would like to know more, please contact me at or follow our blog.



Congratulations to the Raffle Winners of The Hartnagels Customer Appreciation Event!

We’d like to thank all those that attended our customer appreciation event at Hartnagel Building Supply on Friday June 16th and entered into the raffle for the great prizes from Port Angeles’ best businesses.  The winners have been notified via phone.

2017 Hartnagel Building Supply Customer Appreciation Winners

  • Michaels Seafood and Steak $200 Gift Card Winner- TICISHWAY WINDYBOY
  • Adventures through Kayaking $200 Gift Card Winner– RON WOODY
  • Water’s West $200.00 Gift Card Winner– GREG BONDY
  • Browns Outdoor $200.00 Gift Card Winner – SANDY SMITH
  • Next Door Gastro Pub $50.00 Gift Card Winner – TINA OAKS
  • Chestnut Cottage $50 Gift Card Winner – MARY CAMPBELL
  • Fuel Anywhere $50 Gift Card Winner from Orepac – HUNTER KNAPPLE
  • Hartnagels $50 Gift Card Winner from Basalite – KEN MURRAY
  • Hartnagels $50 Gift Card Winner from Basalite – LORRAIN MURPHY
  • Little Devils Lunch Box $25 Gift Card Winner – TOM NASH
  • Togas $25 Gift Card Winner – MARTHA HURD
  • Coyote BBQ $25 Gift Card Winner – JACOB TUCKER
  • Common Grounds Café $15 Gift Card Winner – SHIRLEY JOHNSON
  • Amazon $25 Gift Card Winner from Boise Cascade – JEFF GROVES
  • Fein Multitool winner from Cascade Wholesale –  TOM SMITH
  • Pro Adhesive Apllicator winner from FastenMaster  – DAN DODD
  • Hartnagels $25 Gift Card Winner from Midwest Fastener – PAUL ARNDT
  • Little Devils Lunch Box $25 Gift Card Winner– Terri Coleman

Last Day to Friend Us on Facebook and Be Eligible for the Michael’s Seafood & Steakhouse $200 Gift Card!

As part of our promotions for our upcoming Customer Appreciation Event at Hartnagel Building Supply (Click HERE for more info) we are giving away a $200 Gift Card to Michael’s Seafood and Steakhouse to ONE of our Facebook followers.  So “Like” our page HERE and you’re automatically entered!  Winner will be announced by Facebook private message on Monday June 19th!

Want to be entered for other great prizes from peninsula businesses?

Come on by the store and get a raffle ticket today or show up to the event tomorrow June 16th at Hartnagel Building Supply from 11am – 2pm for smoked pork tacos, BBQ corn on the cob, sides and refreshments from Peninsula Bottling! Over 16 vendors will be handing out raffle tickets to attendees with the winners being contacted by phone on Monday, June 19th.