The Low Down on Non-Traditional Decking Options

Bannerkristofer2There are many options to choosing the right material for your deck and it can be a bit confusing.  Reading blog posts such as this and doing online research is a great start, but we encourage you to talk one on one with our Sales Professionals to see each product in person and talk about which one will be correct for your decking environment.

Non Traditional Decking Options

  • PVC (plastic)
  • Capped Composite (wood fibers with plastic sealed in harder plastic shell)
  • Composite (wood fibers with plastic)

These wood substitute decking materials will remove a large amount of time devoted to upkeep, but can cost you a bit more than traditional wood options.  The question one must ask themselves when debating over the traditional vs. non-traditional decking options, is how much is your time worth? With non-traditional decking material, most of the staining, & painting that traditional wood decks require are eliminated. They resist rotting, stains and splintering to assist in keeping decks looking attractive and more usable. PVC is even recyclable. (Cleaning the deck, while not required, will go a long way to making your investment look good for the life of the product)

Both deck styles will save you from many hours of upkeep. Which deck style is the right investment for you? Use the answers below as a guide to be used with our helpful chart.

Which decking is able to withstand the elements better?

Because of the composite’s modified structure, and PVC being plastic, they are both insect and rot resistant. PVC and composite decking are outstanding at repelling moisture. PVC & Capped Composite can be installed where direct water contact will occur and not warp, split or rot, whereas composite decking can expand and contract with extreme temperatures and water absorption. This may loosen joints and can possibly make decks unstable. In hot, sunny areas, PVC decks can get very hot on the soles of the feet and actually radiate heat, making them uncomfortable.

Which decking has better fade resistance?

HBS-DISPLAY-OUTDOORPVC decking and Capped Composite have less fading than composite decking. It is important to know that composite decking will weather to a more natural hue within the first six months. Paying attention to sun exposure should play a major part in your decision on which type of decking to choose. A southern exposure will fade a composite deck.

Which decking has better slip resistance?

Non-traditional decking has made great strides in providing a safe surface to walk on in wet environments.  The more embossed the surface and the larger amount of grooves provide greater grip. (Most all manufacturers build their product to ADA skid resistance requirements eliminating this concern)

Which decking will resist scratches?

PVC has a greater resistance to scratching, but it is advisable to protect any non-traditional deck by putting protective covers on the feet of patio furniture and anything that may be dragged across the surface.

Which decking looks the most like wood?

Many non-traditional wood decks use to be considered fake looking, but with years of trial and error are finally proving their worth with both PVC and composite board patterns.  This applies not only to the color and streaking but also to the embossed grain pattern on the boards.  Most will say that it’s a matter of opinion now that the coloring and texture have been mostly randomized throughout 20’ lengths. Some manufacturers may have surface grain pattern repeating every three feet.  It is best to see it in person as this is one of the last determining factors at making your choice.

Is there a large price difference between PVC, Capped Composites and Composites?

  • PVC (plastic) averages $4.00 a linear foot but can go up from there with higher end manufacturers and variated color options.
  • Capped Composite (wood fibers with plastic sealed in a harder plastic shell) averages $3.40 a linear foot Color options and variated colors will also increase the price
  • Composite (wood fibers with plastic) averages $2.60 a linear foot

Decking Comparison Chart

Direct Links to Non-Traditional Decking Manufacturer Websites


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Friends of Scouting Breakfast

Friends and Neighbors,

For well over a hundred years Boy Scouting has been helping shape the future leaders of our country and our community.  The Olympic Peninsula has a very rich history of scouting and a great backyard to learn some very wonderful life skills.  To make the most of the opportunities in scouting, many of our youth need help and that is where you come in.  On Wednesday, June 1st at 7 a.m. at the Vern Burton Center, the Mt Olympus District will be hosting their annual Friends of Scouting Breakfast where you can come learn about what the scouts are doing, how they are growing, and why scouting benefits all of us on the Olympic Peninsula.

Growing up in scouting, I know that many of the life lessons I use today came from that upbringing.  I also know that without the generous support of the community both in scouting and not, I would not have been able to participate given my family circumstances.  In 1993, I earned the rank of Eagle Scout because the community believed in me and I learned to believe in myself through the successful completion of my Eagle Scout project and twenty one merit badges along the way.  I am asking you to please join me for the Friends of Scouting Breakfast.

To learn more please click at Friends of Scouting or to RSVP, please contact me at (360) 452-8933 or via email at  I am looking forward to sharing with you the power of scouting!

Kelly-Fox-ImageYours Truly,

Kelly Fox – CEO Lumber Traders Inc
Eagle Scout Troop 401 Auburn WA

Lumber Commodity Prices being affected by Canadian fires

OSB Plywood and Stacked dimensional lumberRight now commodity prices are on fire. Literally and figuratively.  The wildfires in Alberta have limited the production of logs at the time when demand is exploding across the United States.

Adding to those woes, an OSB mill also burned to the ground last week in the same region.  The lack of supply and the increased demand will probably fall over into the CDX markets soon, as they are now trading as close to OSB prices as I have seen them in a long time and I expect them to move up. Wildfire burning trees and large flames This week OSB prices jumped up by more than $1 per sheet in just about every thickness or application.

Our buyers, Ron and Todd, are doing what they can to keep us in stock and to protect the prices we have quoted but we will be following the market as the building season unfolds based on increased replacement costs and limiting the number of days we can hold pricing.  As the industry works through some of these challenges, I expect there to be more volatility in the weeks and months ahead.

Be sure and check out our Lumber Commodity Price Sheet on our Blog Page to stay up to date on these coming changes.

If you have any questions, please ask your salesperson or contact me directly.


Kelly Fox – CEO
Lumber Traders Inc.
Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co.
Hartnagel Building Supply

Western Red Cedar Products

Seymour-1997-59Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and Hartnagel Building Supply pride themselves in the quality of their cedar products. If the natural look of wood in your deck, fence, siding and or lumber is a priority, cedar is always the top choice.

Even acclaimed builder and TV host Mike Holmes wrote a blog post on building with cedar.

The heartwood of the tree (the deeper colored red part, not the white sap part) is resistant to rot insect damage and decay. Moisture is what creates TFP367-Board304twisting and splitting and that is why cedar decking tends to lie flat and straight. These compounds provide natural resistance to moisture, insects and decay.

Western Red Cedar decking has unique, natural performance characteristics and exceptional beauty that bring warmth, character and longevity to deck projects. Western Red Cedar fences are extremely sturdy and lasting 20 years or longer is commonplace, even where vastly different weather patterns occur.

We offer cedar products that are green & kiln dried, as well as knotty & clear giving you a variety of choices when planning for your project.

Our suppliers source our cedar from Terminal Forest Products in British Columbia, Canada. They have full control of the manufacturing process from raw material to finish guaranteeing an unparalleled Western Red Cedar product always above “standard” grade.

Go HERE for our Cedar Products Home Page and a list of stocked styles and sizes.

The video below is from Real Cedar.  For an extensive list of cedar based videos featuring more information and how-to videos from Real Cedar click HERE.

Test Drive a New Entry Way with the DoorWays App from Therma Tru Doors!

Don’t you wish you could test drive the look of a new door in your home before buying? Now you can with the DoorWays App from Therma Tru Doors!

The simple interface of the DoorWays App allows you to:

  • Choose from a wide selection of door and glass combinations to create entrances that fit your unique style.
  • Save multiple door options with product information automatically included for easy lookup.
  • Share your favorite looks with friends via email, text and Facebook.
  • Use the camera to try out different door and glass combinations on your own home.
  • Save photos to your camera roll to use and share later.

So if you’re thinking about a new door for your entryway or want to see how a sidelight may look. Try it out and see how that new door looks right in your actual house!

The DoorWays App is a quick, easy-to-use tool that helps you design and visualize the perfect entrance for your home…or office.

Download here ->     Apple App Store Logo       Google Play Store

It’s easy!  Try it out for free.

  • Download App to your smart phone or tablet
  • Open App
  • Pick your door(s)
  • Add side lights if desired
  • Add glass style if desired
  • Click “Picture it”
  • Line up the chosen door to your door frame by pinching or pulling image on your smart phone or tablet
  • Click Camera Icon
  • Send

See the example below I did for the new door to our office!


Upcoming Washington State Building Code Changes

Wood framing of a house with street sign saying Changes ahead, building codes with Washinton State and Clallum County.

SBCCFriends and Neighbors,

As some of you are well aware, in June there are significant changes to the building and energy codes.

If you are thinking that building codes do not apply to me or that my small weekend project does not really need a building permit, you might be right. More than likely though you would be wrong.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are changing the structure of your home by moving walls and adding square footage, adding value to your property with a new deck, or building a large shed or garage you will need a building permit.  The links below will help you identify what is changing and why, so that you can make the best choice for the value of your home or property.

Scheduled Training through WSU

Scheduled Training through BIAW

2015 Washington State Energy Code

2015 Building Code

2015 Residential Code

2015 Fire Code

2015 Mechanical Code

2015 Plumbing Code

For many of us the single largest investment that we will ever make is in our home. Building without a permit or not following the building code can compromise the structure and the return on your investment.  Whether you are building a new home or fixing up your existing one, knowing when you need a permit and how to make sure that the work being done meets the current building codes will go a long way to helping you live in a safe and comfortable home.  Remember that the fine folks at the local and county building departments are there to help and guide you through the process or steer you to a professional when needed.

Kelly-Fox-ImageKelly Fox
CEO Lumber Traders Inc.
Angeles Millwork& Lumber Co.
Hartnagel Building Supply

Earthquake Preparedness


The recent small tremor felt on the North Peninsula had me thinking back to the article published by the NY Times titled “The Really Big One”. I’m sure that most of us have heard of the article or at least witnessed the panic than ensued through social media and news outlets over the story, but we have been hearing something of this “Big One” for generations in the area.

The bad news is that we can really do nothing to stop such large geological events from happening; the good news is we can prepare.

Our preparations, if done correctly and completely can make such events that can severely disrupt our lives much more manageable and less stressful for ourselves, our family and in the community at large. It can be argued that preparation falls into the category of a civic responsibility in a smaller community like we have on the North Peninsula. Prepared, we can be much less of a strain on the infrastructure. The infrastructure is bound to be handicapped or at worst, nonfunctional for an extended amount of time during an emergency brought about from a natural occurring event.Web-Lines

A wise man once said that the separation is in the preparation. Through the media we have seen the unprepared lined up at grocery stores, hardware stores and gas stations before predictable storms and after unpredictable events.

Isn’t it nice to know you have the choice not to be one of those people?

Hartnagel-suppliesPreparation supplies should include a first aid kit, survival tools and emergency water and food. Storage of enough supplies to last at least 3 days should be the minimum, but many recommendations say to prepare for 3 weeks. For the preparedness to ideally work these items should be used only in the event of an emergency and stored in a container that is easy to transport encase you need to travel quickly.

The following list was taken from both the CDC website section on earthquake preparedness and The American Red Cross website.
Our combined list can be downloaded HERE as a .pdf for use as a checklist. This list will ONLY apply for your home and NOT for your automobile or workplace. Both links to the CDC and the American Red Cross have thorough information on how to best prepare and act in case of a natural emergency and refreshing your knowledge on what to do for and your family is a great idea for all to review.

Items in BLUE can be bought In-store at either of our Port Angeles locations listed below.
Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. 1601 S. “C” Street
Hartnagel Building Supply 3111 HWY 101 East

First Aid Kit
Store your first aid supplies in a tool box or fishing tackle box unless you have a self-contained kit, like we sell at our stores, so they will be easy to carry and protected from water. Inspect your kit regularly and keep it freshly stocked. NOTE: Important medical information and most prescriptions can be stored in the refrigerator, which also provides excellent protection from fires.

Our self-contained First Aid kits found in both stores contains all items marked in ORANGE.

• Hydrogen peroxide to wash and disinfect wounds
• Antibiotic ointment
• Individually wrapped alcohol swabs
• Aspirin and non-aspirin tablets
• Prescriptions and any long-term medications (keep these current)
• Diarrhea medicine
• Eye wash

• Bandage strips
• Ace bandages
• Rolled gauze
• Cotton-tipped swabs
• Adhesive tape roll
Other First Aid Supplies
• First aid book
• Scissors
• Tweezers
• Latex Gloves
• Eye dropper
• Thermometer
• Bar soap
• Tissues
• Sunscreen
• Paper cups
• Pocket knife
• Small plastic bags
• Safety pins
• Needle and thread
• Instant cold packs for sprains
• Sanitary napkins
• Splinting materials

Tools and supplies
• Ax, shovel, broom
• Screwdriver, pliers, hammer, adjustable wrench
• Rope for towing or rescue
• Plastic sheeting and tape
• Aluminum foil

Items for safety and comfort
• Candles
• Waterproof matches
• Change of clothing
• Can opener
• Tupperware
• Garden hose (for siphoning and firefighting)
• Tent
• Recreational supplies for children and adults
• Portable radio
• Flashlight
• Multiple batteries and sizes
• Eyeglasses
• Fire extinguisher — multipurpose, dry chemical type
• Food and water for pets
• Paper, pencil
• Cash

• Toilet paper
• Liquid detergent
• Feminine supplies
• Plastic garbage bags and ties
• Plastic bucket with tight lid
• Disinfectant
• Household chlorine bleach
• Poop bags and scooper for pet waste

Clothing and Bedding
• Sturdy shoes that can provide protection from broken glass, nails, and other debris
• Gloves (heavy and durable for cleaning up debris)
• Rain gear
• Blankets or sleeping bags
• Warm clothing
• Sunglasses (keep your spare eyeglasses in the emergency kit, too.)

• Will, insurance policies, contracts deeds, stocks and bonds
• Passports, social security cards, immunization records
• Bank account numbers
• Credit card account numbers and companies
• Inventory of valuable household goods, important telephone numbers
• Family records (birth, marriage, death certificates)

• Store water in plastic containers such as soft drink bottles. Avoid using containers that will decompose or break, such as milk cartons or glass bottles. A normally active person needs to drink at least two quarts of water each day. Hot environments and intense physical activity can double that amount. Children, nursing mothers, and ill people will need more.
• Store one gallon of water per person per day. Don’t forget your pets.
• Keep at least a three-day supply of water per person (two quarts for drinking, two quarts for each person in your household for food preparation/sanitation).
• Change this water every six months.
• Water filters sold in camping and outdoor stores are a great alternative to bleach disinfection.
• Household liquid bleach can be used to kill microorganisms: Use only regular household liquid bleach that contains 5.25 percent sodium hypochlorite.
Do not use scented bleaches, colorsafe bleaches or bleaches with added cleaners.
• Add 16 drops of bleach per gallon of water, stir and let stand for 30 minutes. If the water does not have a slight bleach odor, repeat the dosage and let stand another 15 minutes.
• The only agent used to treat water should be household liquid bleach. Other chemicals, such as iodine water treatment products sold in camping or surplus stores that do not contain 5.25 percent sodium hypochlorite as the only active ingredient, are not recommended and should not be used.

• Ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, vegetables.
• Canned juices, milk, soup
• Sugar, salt, pepper
• High energy foods such as peanut butter, jelly, crackers, granola bars, trail mix; foods that will not increase thirst.
• Vitamins
• Foods for infants, elderly, persons with special dietary needs
• Comfort/stress foods: cookies, hard candy, sweetened cereals, lollipops, instant coffee, tea bags.
• Pet food, at least one ounce per animal pound per day.
• Avoid foods like rice, pasta and dry beans that require a great deal of water to prepare.
• Remember to restock your food once a year.

**Remember to include special needs family members such as a baby or an older person might have. It is also good to store in a water proof plastic bag important family documents (passports, wills, medical records etc.) along with your earthquake survival kit.


Josh Bergesen, Advertising Coordinator
Lumber Traders, INC.
Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co.
Hartnagel Building Supply