Composite & PVC Decking

Angeles Millwork & Lumber Company and Hartnagel Building Supply offer a wide variety of non-traditional decking like Composite, Capped Composite and PVC decking options for our customers. Non-traditional decking is a popular option among a growing number of homeowners because of low maintenance, resistance to moisture and longevity.

Be sure and read our recent Blog post for greater information on non-traditional decking options and a decking comparison chart HERE.

Non Traditional Decking Options

  • PVC (plastic)
  • Capped Composite (wood fibers with plastic sealed in harder plastic shell)
  • Composite (wood fibers with plastic)

HBS-DISPLAY-OUTDOORThese wood substitute decking materials will remove a large amount of time devoted to upkeep, but can cost you a bit more than traditional wood options.  With non-traditional decking material, most of the staining, & painting that traditional wood decks require are eliminated. They resist rotting, stains and splintering to assist in keeping decks looking attractive and more usable. PVC is even recyclable.

HBS-DISPLAY-INDOORComposite and capped composite decking products can be sourced from recycled plastic and reclaimed wood waste. They are generally considered to be more environmentally friendly than options that are sourced from 100% virgin materials.

We are happy to help our customers choose the best composite decking material for their home.  Come on in and talk one on one with our Sales Professionals to see each product in person and talk about which one will be correct for you and your decking environment.

Both stores have displays devoted to examples from multiple manufacturers and Hartnagel Building Supply has a large outdoor display of decking and railing.

Please explore through the links below to learn more or stop in to one of our store’s showrooms to see examples in person, (click on images for direct Manufacturer website). Our sales crew is here to provide answers to your questions, ideas for your projects and show you all the options available.
















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