A Happy Customer

Nothing makes a retailer happier than knowing that your customers are so pleased that they take the effort to contact you and share their experience.  We received this one from Paul in Port Angeles.

“I recently completed a potting shed for my wife and wanted to share it with you. I started in September and finished last week — the winter weather wasn’t very cooperative. About 97% of the materials came from Angeles Millworks, whose entire staff was very helpful and encouraging throughout the project.  They’re great folks — please share that sentiment with them. I remain a very happy customer, and my wife is  happy, too!”Cheers, Paul

We encourage you to contact us if you have a project you have worked on or an experience you would like to share with us, good or bad. We love customer feedback!

Please email Kelly Fox at kellyf@lumbertradersinc.com or Josh Bergesen at joshb@lumbertradersinc.com

5 Reasons to Rent the Right Tool for the Job

Port Angeles Sequim Tool and Equipment rentalAt Angeles Rentals we pride ourselves in providing excellent contractor grade tool and equipment rentals for the commercial customer and the the do-it-yourselfer.  The projects and jobs that can be completed with the help of a rental tool are limitless. Our website, with description, videos and manuals along with our experienced rental tool manager Terry Andrews will guide you towards the best tool for your job.

Why rent when you can buy?


The advantages are huge for the commercial contractor and home owner.


  1. We provide the storage, the maintenance, the repairs and the knowledge on hundreds of rental tools for countless uses.
  2. We are here to advise and train you on specialized tools so you can tackle projects with confidence and complete them with reduced labor and costs.
  3. Renting provides you with the ability to be invested for the short term at a low cost.  This is especially advantageous with work that tends to be seasonal, specialized or infrequent.
  4. Rentals come worry-free with the assurance that they are serviced and maintained properly.
  5. For the contractor bidding a job, our web site will provide you with type of equipment available and accurate pricing so you will not under bid on equipment rental.

A sampling of the category of tools Angeles Rentals offers…

When deciding to rent or own, consider the long-term affect of the purchase.  All tools appreciate being used frequently and to their full potential. That is why our tools are waiting to be used by you.

Be sure and visit Angeles Rentals in person or see our full offering on our webpage HERE.