Building Industry Support and Guidance During COVID-19

There is no need to rehash what is going on unless you’ve been living under a rock these past four weeks. The events have left the building industry in a state of disarray. We’re modifying our behaviors, battling stress from multiple fronts and just trying to keep our families, friends, jobs and community safe. It’s an overwhelming task for us all.

Our stores have gotten multiple inquiries from our professional clients into what assistance may be available so we decided to spend some time arranging resources that are specific to those locally owned small business owners in our industry that are just trying to keep their business running through the coming months.

Many of the resources listed below are being constantly updated so be sure and bookmark the ones that are relevant to your business and check back frequently.

We are here for our community in whatever capacity we can offer.  Please be patient with our staff as we too navigate our constantly changing landscape and adapt. We welcome you to communicate your needs with our store management and we will do our absolute best to meet them during this time.

Local Enforcement of the “Stay at Home” order.

Rumors have been swirling on this subject and the best information we have is directly from the Clallam County Sherriff.  All local law enforcement is stating this, and we support our first responders and the very difficult job they have in front of them.

From Clallam County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

“Rumors of individuals or businesses needing “passes” or “licenses” to conduct essential services are not true. We are not conducting random stops, or checkpoints, of citizens as they go about their daily business in a lawful manner. In doing so, we would be significantly infringing upon the Constitutional Rights we value and protect.

We view our role more as one of education. Educating residents on how to keep themselves safe, how to keep their families safe and most importantly, to keep the rest of the community safe, especially our vulnerable populations.”

The bottom line is that if you have a legitimate reason to be out and about in your construction vehicle, know that you will not be stopped (unless you are in violation of a traffic law or other law).

Clarification from the Governor in regard to construction.

In general, commercial and residential construction is not authorized under the Proclamation because construction is not considered to be an essential activity.

However, an exception to the order allows for construction in the following limited circumstances:

a) Construction related to essential activities as described in the order;

b) To further a public purpose related to a public entity or governmental function or facility, including but not limited to publicly financed low-income housing; or

c) To prevent spoliation and avoid damage or unsafe conditions, and address emergency repairs at both non-essential businesses and residential structures.

To that end, it is permissible for workers who are building, construction superintendents, tradesmen, or tradeswomen, or other trades including, but not limited to, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, laborers, sheet metal, iron workers, masonry, pipe trades, fabricators, heavy equipment and crane operators, finishers, exterminators, pesticide applicators, cleaning and janitorial staff for commercial and governmental properties, security staff, operating engineers, HVAC technicians, painting, moving and relocation services, forestry and arborists, and other service providers to provide services consistent with this guidance.

All construction activity must meet social distancing and appropriate health and worker protection measures before proceeding.


Make your voice heard by petitioning Governor Inslee to make construction essential 


Industry Internet Resources

Choose Clallam First

Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW)

  • The BIAW is the voice of the housing industry in the state of Washington. The association is dedicated to ensuring and enhancing the vitality of the building industry for the benefit of its members and the housing needs of the citizens. To accomplish this purpose, the association’s primary focus is to educate, influence and affect the legislative, regulatory, judicial and executive agencies of Washington’s government.
  • Their Blog page is full of extremely great information related to the building industry and the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • We found this page on their site on Important COVID-19 Resources for Employers very helpful.
  • Follow BIAW on Facebook

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

Quick resource Guide for Government Assistance