Cabinetry Design

Kitchen Island and Cabinetry

The choices for cabinetry are numerous, and they can sometimes be overwhelming. Home cabinetry sets the stage for the story of your home with its presence in garages, mudrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces. It creates a personal ambiance that welcomes you home while providing a creative function of storage and organization.

Our cabinet designers work one on one with homeowners and builders to create storage solutions in any style, finish, or color, customized to fit any customer taste. If needed, our designers will take on-site measurements to ensure all future designs and materials are precise. We use dedicated software to produce 3-d renderings of cabinetry in a virtual home environment giving the customer the option to test out different cabinetry choices.

We currently represent Yorktowne and Diamond brands of cabinetry that meet the wide variety of customer needs of style and budget. You can explore their expansive cabinetry lines on their websites by clicking on the images below.

Whether you are a homeowner or a builder, we invite you to contact us. Begin creating a cabinetry project worthy of your home and your visions today!

*Cabinetry design currently only available at Hartnagel Building Supply.