Contractor Services

Blue prints and a blue collar contractor getting into his truck

Contractor Services is a partnership between our Contractor Sales teams and the DIYers, builders, and general contractors.

Our department’s mission is to provide services for professionals that maximize value, create efficiency, manage logistics, educate clients, and, most importantly, build trust.

Our teams generate plan take-offs, compile material estimates, create customer end renderings, and schedule deliveries. They are well versed, fun to work with, and continually trained to assist contractors in whole construction planning from the foundation to the rooftop and everything in between.

As an added service, we provide our professional clients access to our advertising department to maximize their business opportunities in print, on our website, and on the internet.

Clients can depend on us to provide consistency in pricing, materials, and support. Accounting is made easy with 24-hour online access to your account, including past purchases and products on order. Our forklift, boom, and rooftop trucks deliver materials stacked in the order that they are needed to any job site. 

Professionals have many choices when picking a supplier. Our focus is on providing builders with materials that truly reflect their style of building while meeting their business goals. 

Account Benefits

  • Creates easier tracking of your orders, and ease of returns
  • Consistent contractor pricing
  • Eligibility for special events, pricing, promotions, and FREE marketing assistance.

Marketing Assistance

  • Available to all professional account holders. We offer the creation of FREE Contractor Referral web-pages on as well as a listing on Contractor Referral handouts given to inquiring retail customers.
  • FREE Marketing consultation for websites, social media, logos, business cards, and more to help your business thrive.

Material Estimations & Plan Take-Offs 

  • We offer quality, thorough estimation services, making sure that you have the materials and the pricing to get the job done on your budget.  You don’t have to worry about pricing games, or things being left off the quote to pad numbers.  Building professionals work in the real world, and we’ll get you honest and accurate estimates.

Project Management and Logistics

  • With the resources of two stores supported by two trucking fleets, we can get you your material on time, when you need it and to most any location.  To better coordinate with all our clients, we ask for at least 24+ hour notice whenever possible, but if you’re in a pinch, we can usually get you the material the same day!
  • Free deliveries on orders over $1,000
  • Roof Top Deliveries – We will deliver and stock your roof with our local crews, avoiding the hassles of using out of town sub-contractors, so that you know you are getting quality service from members of your community

Access to a fleet of rental tools

  • Have a project that requires a specialty tool? We’ve got you covered with a full line of contractor-grade and specialty tools at Angeles Millwork’s Rental Department, the only resource in Port Angeles to rent equipment.

Training & Certifications

  • Working with our vendor partners, we can schedule training and certifications for most any product for you and your crew
  • Getting Certified on certain products may allow for more generous manufacturer warranty coverages for you and your customer

I-Net, E-Statements & E-Invoices

  • I-Net works on your schedule with 24/7online access to account activity, including past statements and invoices. *iNet is not available from 9 pm to 10 pm daily for system maintenance.
  • E-Statements replace mailed paper statements.
  • E-Invoices are emailed throughout the month at the time of invoicing. They can be set up to go to multiple email addresses at the same time, such as contractors and bookkeepers.
  • E-Invoices help keep customers informed and eliminates the problem of lost paperwork. Clients are notified each time their employees make a purchase, and they can save digital copies for ease of account management.
  • Being set up with I-Net will allow out of town clients to receive copies immediately.


We’re excited to partner with you, contact us today!