Exciting Changes Coming to Angeles Millwork!


Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. is in the process of bringing an additional $200,000 worth of inventory in to better assist you in your projects and genuinely creating a one-stop-shop for all your needs! 

Soon you will find additional inventory in many of your favorite categories, from Plumbing (faucets, showerheads, etc.) to Electrical (light fixtures, can lights, breakers, etc.) and many more!

Other areas you’ll notice changes in…

  • Pro-Sales desk between Retail Sales and Contractor Sales will be constructed to better serve our pro customers and cut down on the time it takes professionals to get checked out.
  • Angeles Rentals will undergo a complete remodel with tens of thousands of dollars invested in a completely new line of rental tools and equipment. By the beginning of summer, over 50% of the inventory will be completely new! Rental equipment additions will include new trailers for hauling and dumping, new heavy equipment for larger jobs, new lifts for greater access, new lawn and garden tools for large yards and small farms, and all-new battery-powered hand tools by Makita! 
  • We know you work hard, so we’re revamping our Coffee Bar to serve FREE local coffee to help you begin your day with some energy.
  • The creation of a locals-only area supporting and selling hyper-local products that all our customers must have! Paired alongside will be Lumber Traders merchandise, with a portion of sales going to local non-profits!
  • Additional surprises will be coming! Be on the lookout for additional remodeling news on our website, Facebook, and in future newsletters!

While we put these exciting items into place, there will undoubtedly be a bit of organizational chaos and a few messes, but the hard-working staff with be ready to provide extra assistance to locate whatever materials you may need. 

We thank you for your patience through this process, and we know that this will ultimately be a massive help in making sure we have the materials you need and keep you rolling on whatever project is in front of you.

It’s our honor to serve this fantastic community, and we look forward to continuing in that endeavor in additional and more efficient ways!