Hartnagel Custom Metal Shop

Hartnagel’s custom metal shop creates custom flashing and other functional metal pieces for just about any application. We work with a variety of metals, and we can match most ASC and Champion metal colors.

Hartnagels Custom Metal Shop welcomes the challenge of custom requests beyond the items listed below.

 Custom requests will be quoted at the time of the request, however, a general rule for custom fabrication is that it is billed at $40 per hour, not including material costs.

This service is only available at Hartnagel Building Supply.

 Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • MiG and Gas Welding
  • Hot Soldering
  • Copper Brazing 


  • Post Caps
  • Countertops
  • Backsplashes


  • Custom Metal Roof Flashings
  • Eave and Gable Metal
  • Transition Metal
  • Ridge Cap
  • Scupper Drains for Membrane Roof Systems
  • Snowbreaks
  • Accessories


  • Plenums
  • Boxes
  • Filter Boxes
  • Transitions
  • Canvas Connectors
  • S and Drive Clips


  • Junction Boxes


  • Drain Pans
  • Vents