in memory chance

In Memory of John “Chance” Lee

in memory chance

The entire Lumber Traders family, past and present, were very saddened to hear of the passing of  John “Chance” Lee.

Chance worked for Angeles Millwork from 2005 – 2017 in contractor sales, assisting builders with needed supplies for their construction projects. Chance was known for his laid-back yet hard-working attitude, making others smile, and mentoring younger and less experienced employees. 

Current employees wanted to express their gratitude and remembrance for their former co-worker and his memory.  

“Chance was such an awesome person.  He had a HUGE personality and was always fun to be around.  I loved listening to all his stories and especially his big belly laugh at the end.

He was a great teacher and listener which made him a great friend and mentor.  I wouldn’t be where I am in my job today if it wasn’t for him letting me know some of his tricks of the trade.  I only wish I had paid more attention.  Even after his retirement he would answer my phone calls asking him questions, and if he was busy he’d call me back to help me out.  He will always have a special place in my heart.”

-Rebecca Wells

“Chance always laughed and talked loud in a memorable Southern accent. He now leaves the earth with an empty quietness. Chance was a wonderful father figure to several employees, was always willing to listen to problems, and gave advice willingly.  We will miss his words of wisdom.”

– Lynnea Zimmerman

“Chance Lee would say to me  “Boy, I have forgotten more than you’ll ever know!” I took this as a challenge and have worked hard every day to expand my knowledge base in our industry. Thank you John “Chance” Lee for your contributions to Lumber Traders and to the folks that you shared your knowledge and experiences with.  Cheers my friend!”

-Mike Deese

“Chance was an amazing gentleman, family man and company man. He combined salesmanship with Christian beliefs and Southern charm to be the ultimate salesman. He could sell heaters during a heat wave. His customers were pampered with his generosities and attention. He had accomplished material take-offs so lengthy that sometimes he could not explain how he came up with numbers- they were just correct. I am really happy he had a few years of retirement to truly enjoy his grandkids and family.”

-Paul Stumbaugh

“Chance Lee was one of a kind. A good man and a good friend.  He kept what we do in a lumberyard in the proper perspective, not taking himself or what we do over seriously.”

-Chan McManus

The whole Lumber Traders’ family would like to express their support to Chance’s family and friends as they grieve their loss. He was an important part of our success, and he will be remembered frequently and fondly.