Key Copying & Rekeying

To find out more about key copying and rekeying please speak with a sales representative.

Pro-Sales – Angeles Millwork
tel: 360-457-8581
email: [email protected]

Pro-Sales – Hartnagel Building Supply
tel: 360-452-8933
email: [email protected]

It’s always a good idea to have spare keys in the event of an emergency.

We offer in-store key duplication. Whether you need a copy for your home, office, car, or padlock, we can duplicate keys in minutes.

Want the doors in your new house to all work with one key? Having door hardware rekeyed is a great way to reduce the number of keys you carry.

Buy your entry door hardware from us, and we’ll key them all to one key for FREE!
* Rekey without lock purchase is $10.00.

We cannot program transponder-equipped vehicle keys or laser-cut/sidewinder keys