Local Housing Construction Declared “Not Essential”

First and foremost, Angeles Millwork and Hartnagels are currently classified as “Essential” and we are open. We will continue to stay open to support our industry professionals, DIY customers and homeowners if the state allows, and our stores can be kept safe.

Please visit our previous Facebook or our website blog posts for all the changes we have implemented to create an environment of increased precaution and safety.

Secondly, the big news, as many of you know is that the State of Washington has deemed nearly all construction as a “nonessential activity”.

“The exceptions to the stay-at-home rule, which takes effect Wednesday (3/25/2020) at midnight, are construction related to essential activities like health care, transportation, energy, defense and critical manufacturing; construction ‘to further a public purpose related to a public entity,’ including publicly financed low-income housing; and emergency repairs.

All construction activities allowed to continue must comply with social distancing ‘and appropriate health and worker protection measures before proceeding,’ the memorandum said.” (Seattle Times)

This news is disheartening to say the least for our business, but more importantly to the thousands of businesses, clients and friends that we serve.

As a locally owned business and as a group of community members the temporary closure of home construction is extremely difficult. The vast majority of our clients work alone or in very limited numbers on job-sites that are outside and away from the public. For the most part our clients have followed the rules of social distancing well before our current environment and rules.

It’s important to note that many of the ongoing projects our clients are working on may fall under “emergency repairs”.  Many jobs are currently exposed to the elements, are not safe to be left in their current condition and if left unattended for two weeks may present issues of safety or damage to materials or the site itself.  It is obviously important that each homeowner and professional contractor protect their investments as best they can.  We do not endorse nor advise blatant disregard to state orders but instead support our clients and their judgement to conduct business in a safe manner during this edict.  

We ask all our clients that they be open with us on how we can support them during this time.  We have always looked at our relationships as partnerships rather than just an exchange of money. We each exist because of each other and we are essential to the maintenance and growth of our communities.

Finally, as the economic impacts of both the virus and Stay Home mandates begin to mount, we realize that some of our customers and partners are going to begin to feel the squeeze.  As an employee owned, local small business we also operate on thin margins, and we understand how disruption to cash flow can quickly make continued operation difficult.  We ask that you stay in communication with us if you are running into cash flow challenges and anticipate any difficulty in staying current with your account at either store; together we can work through this, and by working together we can make sure that we come out the other end stronger as a community and as businesses.

As this develops, we encourage all our clients to stay up to date with the newest news of our industry by following the BIAW Facebook Page and the their website’s COVID-19 resource page for industry businesses and employers.

Stay safe and stay healthy!