Paint & Stain

We take great pride in our trained and attentive paint specialists. We’re far from a national chain experience. Our employee-owners partner with professionals and DIYers to assist in picking out the perfect coatings for their specific application.

We are passionate about taking the time to educate each customer so that their paint and stain projects turn out perfect every time.

Our stores carry the best in paint, stain, and sundry brands for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 

No matter the customer’s knowledge or experience, we are a one-stop shop making sure your paint, stain or coating projects result in success. 

Next steps…

Our paint specialists are here to offer suggestions on brands, sheens, colors and application processes.  We are well versed beyond painting home interiors, so come to us when staining your wood deck, painting metal, coating floors or any other paint projects we can help you achieve.  

Free customary services in our paint department include color matching,  application and design advice, project material calculations, sundry advice and peninsula wide delivery.  

Paint Products We Trust