September Community First Saturday Benefiting Five Acre School Parent Service Organization

Join us in supporting Five Acre School by making purchases or donating directly during our “Community First Saturday” event on Saturday September 8th, 2018. Five Acre School Representatives will be present at Hartnagel Building Supply and Angeles Millworks, informing all those that attend and shop about the Sequim based, non-profit school.  5% of all retail sales collected that Saturday and 100% of donations taken in the store, will be split with this incredible organization AND the Port Angeles Educational Foundation!

Funds raised at the stores will be used to help support a brand-new ceramics studio, currently undergoing construction.  A ceramics program will be added to the school’s curriculum with instruction by fine arts teacher, Rosey Sharpe.  Future goals for the building are to create an open studio and encourage creativity within the community’s school aged youth.  Current needs to help in its completion are roofing material, trim, paint and shelving.

We chose Five Acre School as a Community First Saturday recipient, because we believe that independent schools that approach education in new and innovative ways are worthy of our support.  Utilizing different philosophies in the development of children and maintaining creative curriculums has proven to be conducive to the overall growth of education.

The mission statement of the Five Acre School is to provide an active learning environment for children to reach their fullest potential, in relationship to each other, our community, and the natural world.

Five Acres School’s vision statement is that all students in the community are empowered in all aspects of their development and have ownership over their education.

Five Acre School is a small non-profit school that serves preschool through 6th grade students. They provide a caring and flexible educational program emphasizing a child-centered approach.  The educational philosophy is to educate the whole person and promote personal responsibility and accountability.  The unique and robust curriculum integrates traditional academic subjects with music, theatre, art and outdoor education.

Five Acre School relies on donations to enhance their programing and to support a tuition rate and assistance fund that makes their school accessible to families in our community.

Mark it down on your calendar, set a reminder on your phone and pledge to come on down to Angeles Millwork or Hartnagel Building Supply, Saturday September 8th, and shop with a purpose.  Community non-profits help to keep our communities whole, profitable and productive. But it can’t be done without everyone’s help.

Your participation matters!

Want to know more about the Five Acre School?

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