Terms and conditions of use


All orders are subject to availability. The shop website may not reflect actual availability due to inventory errors. We reserve the right to cancel orders that we cannot fulfill. A representative will contact customers by email if this is the case for all or some of the order's products.


We reserve the right to cancel orders for any reason at any time; canceled orders will be refunded the entire amount of the order, including applicable taxes and fees. Examples of situations where a need to cancel the order may arise include item pricing errors, address inconsistencies, suspected fraud, etc. You will be informed of any changes to the status of your order. Please contact us if you believe your order has been canceled in error.


We reserve the right to use any data you provide for analytics and use third-party data processors for analytics. Your data will not be used for advertising purposes unless the customer has given consent to be advertised to. We will not sell your data to third parties for any purpose.