Wire Rope Services at Angeles Millwork

Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. now offers a selection of wire rope of varying materials and gauges. Our wire rope services are available to professionals and hobbyists and are useful in industrial applications, agriculture, automotive, and more…

Sorry, wire rope services are not available at Hartnagels.

We offer wire rope services including sleeve pressing, custom length chokers and wires for various applications.

All cut wire rope sales are final, there are no returns on cut wire rope.

Please call 360-457-8581 for questions, availability of materials, gauges and associated services.

Wire rope gauges in stock vary from  1/16″ to 3/4″ 

(please inquire on special sizes or materials not listed)

  • Outdoor wire rope

    • Galvanized – Protected coating to minimize rust
    • Import – Strongest wire rope material for heavy use
    • Stainless Steel – Greatest protection against rust
  • Indoor wire rope

    • Vinyl coated

In Stock Components

  • Hay Wire Hooks
  • Stainless Steel Knobs
  • Stainless Steel Duplex Sleeves
  • Bells


  • Charge per press wire rope sleeving

  • We make:

    • Nyco Sleeves
    • Tension Cables
    • Chokers
    • Cat Chokers
    • High Lead Chokers
    • Hay Wires
  • Tow Truck drum refilling (drums must be emptied) 

Nyco Sleeve
Cat Choker
High Lead Choker