About Us

About Us


Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co., established in 1906, and Hartnagel Building Supply, founded in 1960, are proud, employee-owned lumber yards and hardware stores. Serving Port Angeles and the greater Olympic Peninsula, our experienced team takes pride in offering top-tier customer service and industry insights to homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and professional contractors.

Our Rich Heritage

Our employee-owners take immense pride in our rich history, understanding how our past has sculpted us into the industry leader we are today.

Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co.: The Journey

Our journey began with founders Felix and Ishmael Filion as the Filion Mill & Lumber Co. in the 1890s. Initially set up in Michigan, a call from the abundant forests of Clallam County saw the mill transported and re-established in Port Angeles by 1893.

The years weren’t always kind. A devastating fire in 1903 razed the mill, impacting local building projects as we were the primary lumber source then. However, resilience led to its reconstruction, and soon, Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. became Port Angeles’ largest employer. Always ahead of its time, it is believed to have been among the first U.S. companies to offer retirement benefits.

As decades rolled on, the company shifted focus from production to retail sales, contractor services, millwork, windows, and moldings. If you spot a single-paned wood window on the peninsula, chances are, we made it!

Hartnagel Building Supply: The Legacy

Hartnagel, meaning “Hard Nail” in Dutch, began its journey in 1960 under the keen eyes of Nelson and Audrey Hartnagel. Initially specializing in rail-delivered building supplies, the store saw various transformations and ownerships over the decades, always upholding its commitment to quality.

A Shared Vision: The Creation of Lumber Traders, Inc.

In 1984 Arnold & Debbie Schouten became part of the founding partners of Lumber Traders, Inc., the parent company of Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and Hartnagel Building Supply, and eventually acquired full ownership in the companies in 1989.

While Arnold held the positions of CEO/President and Debbie maintained Secretary/Treasurer positions, they were instrumental in both locations’ daily management and success. 

Our Commitment to Employees and the Community

Amidst the ebb and flow of the economy and the rise of big-box stores, our unwavering commitment to quality products, knowledgeable employee-owners, and our cherished customers has been our guiding light. This approach has been the cornerstone of our success, enabling us to serve the Olympic Peninsula’s communities for over a century.