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As of 6/26/2024

It has been a strange market the last few weeks, with overall prices remaining fairly stable with one very notable exception: depending on sheet thickness and size, OSB has dropped between 10% and 15%.  We saw some small increases in wider DF 2x materials, but only about 1%.  The only other item to drop was 2×4 – 92-5/8” studs, which shed 6%.

We’re still hearing news of mills ramping down production to stabilize soft prices, so it feels a bit counter-intuitive to see these price adjustments.  One item specific item that has been a bit challenging to source has been 2×6 cedar; apparently 1×6 is going at a premium, so they’ve shifted production toward that material.

As you get ready for summer quotes, just a reminder to always include escalation clauses in your bids!

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As always, the above content is not financial advice. Simply data to help you be better prepared.  Our goal is to create more informed builders and homeowners to properly price and budget for future jobs and projects. 

We will continue to update you on changes in the commodity market.  Displayed above are the latest graphs.

Angeles Millwork and Hartnagel Building Supply see our customers as business partners, and their success is, in turn, ours.  That is why every month, we will publish a commodity pricing chart on our Facebook page and in our monthly newsletter.  The chart will represent a correlation of average pricing trends over the past year of Douglas Fir 2×4, Pressure Treated 2×4 Lumber, 7/16” OSB, and ½” CDX.