Pro Services

Pro Services

Hartnagel’s Pro Services: Your Partner in Building Success

At Hartnagel, we believe in building strong foundations not just in construction but in relationships. Our Contractor Services solidify the bond between our specialized Pro-Sales teams and the revered community of professional builders and general contractors.

Our Mission:

To amplify our professional partnerships by delivering unparalleled value, fostering efficiency, orchestrating seamless logistics, empowering builders, and nurturing trust through in-depth product expertise and unwavering commitment.

Your Journey with Us:

  1. Connect with Us: Initiate our collaboration by completing the Initial Pro Services Form that helps us understand your needs and how we can best help. We’ll get back to you within one business day.
  2. Let’s Talk: We’ll set up a time to go over your plans, budget, and timing.

Professionals have many choices when picking a supplier. Our focus is on providing builders with materials that truly reflect their style of building while meeting their business goals.

Why Choose Hartnagel’s Pro Services:

  • Construction Expertise: Whether it’s a custom home, commercial construction, roofing, window installation or cabinetry design, our specialized teams can cover the A-Z of building requests.

  • Transparent Estimations: We pledge transparency. Expect comprehensive material estimates, detailed plan take-offs, and precise customer end renderings. We value your trust and despise hidden costs sometimes used in our industry to gain a sale.

  • Masterful Logistics:

    • Tailored Deliveries: With two strategic locations and diverse delivery fleet, including rooftop conveyor, boom truck, and Moffat truck deliveries, we ensure materials reach you when and where you need them.
    • Extensive Coverage: Regular schedules cover areas such as Neah Bay, Forks, and the broader Olympic Peninsula.
  • Digital Empowerment: Our 24/7 online portal equips you with real-time access to your account, orders, invoices, and even facilitates the online ordering of tens of thousands of products reflecting professional pricing levels.

  • Expand Your Reach: Elevate your brand’s visibility by joining our contractor referrals directory, available both in print and online.

  • Robust Tool Rentals: With our stand-alone rental business, Angeles Rentals, we ensure you have access to contractor-grade tools, equipment, and even heavy machinery, all available for delivery to your job site paired with online reservations.

  • Knowledge is Power: Stay at the pinnacle of your game. We facilitate product-specific training and certifications, enabling you to offer more warranty value to your clients.

Embrace success, efficiency, and unparalleled support with Hartnagel’s Pro Services – where your vision meets our expertise.