Key Copying and Rekeying

Key Copying & Rekeying

To find out more about key copying and rekeying please speak with a sales representative.

Pro-Sales – Angeles Millwork
tel: 360-457-8581

Pro-Sales – Hartnagel Building Supply
tel: 360-452-8933

Unlock Convenience with Our Key Services

Keys, while small, hold immense significance, ensuring safety, access, and peace of mind. At [Your Store Name], we’re not just about keys but about the confidence and convenience they bring to everyday life.

Quick Key Duplication:

Never be caught off-guard again! Whether it’s your home, office, car, or padlock, our in-store services ensure you have spare keys on hand. With a swift turnaround, we make exact duplicates to give you that added security in mere minutes.

Simplified Single-Key Solutions:

Moving into a new home and tired of juggling multiple keys? Opt for rekeying. This process allows all your doors to work with one master key.

  • Complimentary Rekeying Offer: Purchase your entry door hardware from us, and we’ll seamlessly rekey them all to a single key at no extra charge.
  • Standard Rekeying Service: If you’re bringing your own locks, we offer rekeying services for a nominal fee of $10.00.

A Few Limitations:

While we’re committed to providing comprehensive key services, currently, we do not program transponder-equipped vehicle keys or handle laser-cut/sidewinder keys.

Trust us for all your key needs – making life a little easier, one key at a time.