Panel Saw Cuts

Panel Saw Cuts

To inquire about panel saw cuts or to find out if we stock a particular size or type of sheet stock please contact a sales representative.

 Hartnagel Building Supply
tel: 360-452-8933

Precision Panel Saw Cuts for Every Project

At Hartnagel Building Supply, we understand that not every project requires a full sheet, and not every vehicle is fit to transport large panels. Whether you’re looking to fit a sheet of plywood in your sedan or simply require a specific size, we’re here to assist.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Our expert team is equipped to precisely cut any panel to your specified measurements with a remarkable 1/4″ tolerance. From home DIY tasks to professional builds, get your plywood tailored to fit seamlessly into your project.

Convenience in Stock:

Thinking ahead for common needs, we also keep ready-to-purchase ACX plywood in popular cut-down sizes:

  • 2′ x 4′
  • 4′ x 4′
  • 2′ x 8′

Service Details:

  • Location: Exclusively available at Hartnagel Building Supply.
  • Cut Fee: Nominal charge of $2 per cut, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Trust Hartnagel Building Supply to make the first cut the right cut, setting the foundation for your project’s success.