Become a Referred Contractor


Lumber Traders, the parent company of Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and Hartnagel Building Supply see our customers as business partners, and their success is, in turn, ours. 

We are offering free Contractor Referral webpage listings for your business on our website. This area of our website is one of our most visited and provides the community with a local resource of dependable professionals in building and home services. 

It’s super simple to get started and better yet, it is FREE!

Click HERE to get started!

  • When the form is submitted we will be in contact via email within two business days to verify that your page is correct.
  • You will receive a custom web address so you can direct potential customers to your page.
  • Your page will be searchable across the internet and easily advertised across the web and with in-store printable contractor’s lists. 

A couple of notes on the new contractor Referral Webpages 

Contractor’s License

  • To make sure we follow state guidelines and help in the trust of potential clients, we require all contractor’s licenses* to be up to date. The webpage will display the current license number and if it is up to date. 
    *sorry, only licensed professionals 

Work Availability Feature

  • This feature will inform potential clients what your current work availability is.  This will help communication for both parties. It will lessen the number of inquiries that currently booked businesses will receive and also inform clients what timelines to expect when contacting contractors. This allows you to concentrate on your current work rather than returning phone calls to customers you cannot currently service.  After the initial form completion, this feature can be updated by the business owner at any time by notifying Ad Coordinator, Josh Bergesen at 


  • We invite you to refresh your page by uploading new images of completed work. We are capping this at six total images. If no new images are uploaded, we will revert to past images in our database. We do encourage you to take the image portion seriously. Pick images that clearly communicate your service(s), that are in focus, and are not too bright or dark.  

Printable Category Lists

  • Once the site is complete, we will have easy-to-print listings for each service category. This will allow our in-store staff to easily distribute listing information to inquiring customers.

Last thoughts…

  • Don’t be discouraged if web pages and digital content are overwhelming. We at Lumber Traders are committed to helping your business in any way we can and having a listing on the internet is an essential part of owning a business. It provides legitimacy to future customers and gives you the ability to present your business to customers 24 hours a day, around the globe!
  • At the end of the form, if you need assistance, we have a checkbox for that. Just click it after you’ve done your best to complete the form, and we’ll get back to you to create a webpage you and your business can be proud of.