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“Richard and Debbie showed up on time and did a very good job cleaning and inspecting my very old wood stove. Richard took extra time to teach me how to use the stove safely and efficiently.  Looking forward to getting a new wood stove from Strait Comfort Systems and having them install it!”  – Cassie R., Port Townsend
Strait Comfort Systems
Richard Fife, Owner
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Strait Comfort Systems provides you with:

  • Service, repair, and maintenance of all residential and commercial heating and cooling systems
  • Installation, repair, and service of ductless heat pumps
  • Installation, repair, and service of furnace and duct work
  • Installation, repair, and service of free-standing wood, pellet, and gas stoves
  • Installation, repair, and service of fireplace inserts
  • Duct work installation and repair
  • Custom hearth pads
  • Chimney sweeping and wood stove and fireplace care


Strait Comfort Systems isn’t just a plug and run shop. We perform a thorough evaluation of your home or area of concern before each installation. We do this to find the perfect appliance that fits your home and needs.

  • With every installation carrying our 3 year workmanship guarantee, you can rest assured knowing that we have you covered from start to finish and beyond.
  • During all installation jobs, any existing components and previous work done will be inspected for any and all hidden defects.
  • Upon installation every product is automatically enrolled in manufacturer’s warranties.


Wood & Gas Stoves, Fireplace Inserts

Central & Ductless Heat

Air Conditioning




These stoves will keep your home warm even when the power is out. Wood stoves provide warmth while keeping the heating bills low.  With the high efficiency heating of a Pacific Energy wood stove, you will get the most heat from your wood.

These units are the more cost effective  way to heat your home with electricity. In most cases one ductless heat pump can run on the same power needed as one baseboard electric heater, while providing comfort to a greater area. When sized and installed properly just one single split or multi split ductless heat pump will save you 30% or more on your heating bill every month.

At Strait Comfort Systems we offer a variety of efficient, cost effective ways to cool your home. Whether it’s a central air conditioning systems cooling your whole home at once, or a zone systems cooling each room or section of your home individually, we have the best system for you.




These stoves provide the feel of wood heat with the convenience of a push button or thermostat operation, all while using a renewable energy source. Pellet stoves can be installed in a variety of ways with no need for a pre-existing chimney, in many cases the flue of a pellet stove can be vented straight horizontally through an exterior wall.

Heat your whole house with a central forced air system in Gas or electric. Need a new furnace? We have you covered with the best products in the business.

These heat pump use variable speed technology to provide enormous power with high efficiency packed in the smallest footprint possible. Perfect for replacing that worn out heat pump, new construction or first time installations.



A free standing propane stove adds both warmth and style to any room or home. Easily controlled by a switch, push button remote or a wall mount thermostat, they can be used even during a power outage.

These heat pumps allow you to cool the room that needs it the most independently form the rest of the house. Perfect for large living rooms, bedrooms and new additions to your home.


An open fireplace looses as much as 90% of the heat produced by the fire up the chimney. A fireplace insert will make an efficient use of that drafty fireplace, keeping you warm and cozy, and save you money on your heating bill every month.

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