Kevin Hansen
Roofing Design & Sales
Hartnagel Building Supply
tel: 360-417-8398
email: [email protected]

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of your home. It’s the first line of defense against weather and environmental factors while providing an essential protection for your home.

With over 30 years experience, our in house roofing expert, Kevin Hansen works one-on-one with residential and professional clients to ensure quality roofing materials protect your home for decades.

Hartnagel Building Supply offers the largest inventory of roofing materials for any size or type of job on the North Olympic Peninsula. We have a full-service roofing showroom to assist in choosing the right manufacturer, product and color of roofing.

Hartnagels runs a full fleet of roofing conveyor trucks to ensure roofing is delivered throughout the peninsula on time, in the correct order and placed on roofs with the installers in mind.

Next Steps…

We encourage clients to complete the initial roof inquiry form so we understand what makes your roofing project unique. You will receive a return email within one business day.

We then schedule a time to discuss your roofing project so you are given informed choices of proper materials, styles, and colors that work best for your budget and your home’s specific environment.  

Hartnagel’s can also recommend locally licensed, bonded and reputable roof installers in the area if needed.

Finally, rooftop delivery of materials will be scheduled on a convenient date for the installer and home-owner.

*The rooftop delivery fee is $75, available to the retail customer and the best roofing contractors on the Peninsula.

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  • 3-Tab
  • Architectural
  • Metal
  • Luxury
  • Stone Coated Metal

3-Tab – $$$$$
Affordable & traditional
  • Always in stock
  • installs easily
  • asphalt shingle
  • available with algae block
  • Class A fire resistance
  • available in nine colors
  • 60 mph wind warranty
  • limited warranties available

3-Tab roofing options we trust

Architectural – $$$$$
Dimensional & strong
  • See below for stock levels
  • available with algae block
  • asphalt shingle
  • thicker shingle made with two or more layers
  • noticeable shingle dimension
  • heavier weight & greater strength 
  • warranties vary

Architectural Shingle options we trust

Metal Roofing- $$$$$
Long lasting beauty
  • Special order product
  • used across residential, agricultural and commercial roofs
  • multiple profiles & colors available
  • metal gauges vary
  • available with hidden fasteners
  • many can also be used as siding 
  • can last 2-3x longer than asphalt shingles
  • Class A Fire Resistance
  • can reduce solar heat load for greater energy efficiency
  • warranties vary

Metal Roofing options we trust

    Luxury Shingles $$$$$
    Premium, dimensional 
    • Special order product
    • available with algae block
    • asphalt shingle
    • thickest shingle option
    • heavier weight & greater strength shingle
    • mimics shake roofing
    • Class A Fire Resistance
    • best extreme weather resistance
    • limited lifetime warranties available

    Luxury shingle options we trust

    Stone Coated Metal – $$$$$
    High end, strong & durable
    • Special order product
    • best aesthetic option
    • deepest shingle dimension available
    • interlocking panels
    • unsurpassed strength & longevity against the elements
    • transferrable warranty options
    • limited lifetime warranty

    Stone Coated Metal options we trust

    Roofing Products We Trust