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MAKITA 4‑Stroke Engine Couple Shaft Power Head 25.4 cc MM4® EX2650LH

Meet the pinnacle of versatility in landscaping tools – the Makita 25.4 cc MM4® EX2650LH. Crafted for commercial duty applications, this tool doesn't just offer power but a seamless experience with its numerous features. Its ability to couple with multiple attachments makes it a favorite among professionals who need to switch between attachment solutions like a pole saw, hedge trimmer, yard tiller, lawn edger, string trimmer, cleanup brush and more, all without having to switch the main power unit.

Best Uses:

  • Landscaping and garden maintenance with varying needs such as trimming, tilling, or edging.
  • Commercial duty applications requiring robust and reliable power.
  • Projects where switching between tasks without changing the main power unit is essential.

Key Specifications:

  • 25.4 cc 4-stroke engine ensures powerful operation without the hassle of fuel mixing.
  • Multi-position lubrication system lets the engine incline at any angle, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Mechanical Automatic Engine Decompression facilitates quicker and effortless starts.
  • Dual-stage air filter with expansive sealing areas, easily replaceable and accessible.
  • Quick-release coupling promotes easy attachment swapping, compatible with various couple shaft attachments.
  • Compact design paired with less weight enhances maneuverability and user comfort.
  • Durable steel drive shaft engineered for minimal vibration.
  • Fulfills or exceeds EPA and CARB exhaust and evaporative emissions regulations.

Safety Gear Recommendations:

  • Safety goggles to shield the eyes from flying debris.
  • Durable gloves for a secure grip and hand protection.
  • Ear protection, given the tool's operation might produce significant noise.
  • Wearing long-sleeved attire and protective pants can prevent possible injuries.
  • Always operate in well-ventilated areas to avoid inhaling exhaust fumes.
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